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Player Blue
A Special Retro Experience

Collect diamonds and keys, open doors, sidestep stones and escape from enemies. Find your way through subterranean caves and dig yourself to the exit!

Pixel graphics, 8-bit sound and old game concepts bring back memories from the good old 80s and 90s. Comprehensive availability and modern, flexible controls allow Player Blue to appear in the right light even today: as a contemporary retro-casual game on the go and at home - of course also offline!

The first version of Player Blue for the PC was created back in 1994. The game was never pusblished. More than 25 years later, the classic now sees the light of day: as a completely new developed and revised game for iPhone and iPad!

100 Level - 3 Lives

Lots of levels guarantee hours of fun. You get three lives as a start - but don't worry: you can gain extra lives throughout the game and every twentieth level is a recovery level.

Tricky Puzzles

It gets a little more difficult with each level: the first levels are meant to get you started, then things get serious - skill, endurance and good nerves are required. And when the going gets tough, foresight and creative ideas help.

Pixel Graphics & 8-Bit Sound

Loving pixel graphics - drawn by hand - are reminiscent of the charm of the old games from back then. And of course the right sound must not be missing and rounds off the retro experience.

Comprehensive Availability

Supports iPhone and iPad as well as synchronization of the game score via iCloud.

Flexible Controls

Has a classic control with arrow keys and a modern control with control pad. Of course for left and right-handers.

Premium Game

And last but not least: no advertising, no tracking. Just play - as back then.

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